Fishing in Saint-Léonard-des-BoisFishing in Saint-Léonard-des-Bois
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Fishing in the Alpes Mancelles

Ponds, Sarthe river and fishing spots

If there’s one activity that can bring together young and old, amateurs and professionals alike, it’s fishing… The Sarthe River, which runs through the entire territory, added to the numerous ponds, make the Alpes Mancelles a privileged site for fishing enthusiasts. 1st, 2nd categories, specific spots…there’s something for every level and type of fishing.

For fishing, are you more

river or pond?

The Sarthe department is nearly 4500 km of rivers, including 1500 km of 1st category, 50 fishing ponds. It’s also a wide variety of fish: trout, pike, zander, carp, etc.

In the Alpes Mancelles to be precise, it’s the Sarthe river and its tributaries, including the Ornette, Sarthon, Merdereau, Vaudelle, etc., but it’s also several ponds, all managed by local AAPPMAs.

There are also specific spots: the Toyères fly fishing trail, but also two night carp fishing spots, at the Carrouge pond in Saint-Germain-sur-Sarthe and on the Sarthe river in Juillé (right bank).

Fishing is a passion and a leisure activity accessible to all, so some facilities for People with Reduced Mobility have been made. You’ll find them on the banks of the Sarthe river at the Gué Ory in Sougé-le-Ganelon and in Juillé, as well as at the Saint-Georges-le-Gaultier pond and the Saint-Paul-le-Gaultier pond.

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The Toyères fly fishing trail


A rich and diverse fishing trail in an exceptional setting, on the commune of Saint-Léonard-des-Bois. Interdepartmental, depending on the river bank you choose, you’ll be in either the Sarthe department or the Mayenne department (so be sure to have the right fishing card), on this site “No-Kill” whipped fly fishing is the rule.

Dry fishing remains a safe bet on this trail, which isn’t short on hatchlings from May/June onwards, but nymph wire or streamer anglers won’t be outdone. On the other hand, the dark bottom makes sight nymphing very difficult, if not impossible. In terms of fish populations, the Sarthe river is home to fario trout, rainbow trout, chub, barbel, minnow, spirlin, etc.

Before going fishing,

it's important to be well-informed!

For this activity, it is essential to buy a fishing card:
annual, weekly or daily …
For this, consult the sites below or go and meet the local associations (AAPPMA).

Local AAPPMAs(Associations Agréées pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique in french)